Hugh Thomson visits from City Church and preaches on Acts 5&6
John Walley preaches about the growth of the church from Acts 4 & 5
John Walley preaches on Peter and John healing the lame man from Acts 3-4:22
An additional podcast reflection on what we are devoted to as a church from Acts 2:42-47 which we didn't cover in the service.
John Walley preaches from Peter's speech in Acts 2
An additional 10 minute podcast to help think through the question - If the Spirit is so powerful to change us, why don't I experience that power?
John Walley preaches on the coming of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost
John Walley preaches from Acts 1:12-26
John Walley begins our series in Acts preaching from Acts 1:1-11

Matthew 1:18-25

11th December 2016
John Walley preaches a one off Christmas sermon looking at the story of Joseph from Matthew 1
John Walley finishes our series in Genesis 1-12 by preaching on God's promises to Abraham
John Walley preaches on the Tower of Babel from Genesis 10 & 11
John Walley preaches on God's covenant with Noah from Genesis 8 & 9
John preaches on the Flood from Genesis 6 & 7

Adoption Sunday 2016

6th November 2016
John Walley preaches for Adoption Sunday from James 1
Nathan Burden preaches from Genesis 5
John Walley preaches from Genesis 4
John Walley preaches from Genesis 3
Andy Weatherley visits us and preaches about the fall from Genesis 3:1-13
John Walley preaches from Genesis 2

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