John Walley preaches from Genesis 4
John Walley preaches from Genesis 3
Andy Weatherley visits us and preaches about the fall from Genesis 3:1-13
John Walley preaches from Genesis 2
Josh Passenger preaches about rest from Genesis 1 and Hebrews 4
John Walley preaches about what it means to be human from Genesis 1:26-31.
John Walley preaches about Creation from Genesis 1
John introduces our series on Genesis by preaching on the nature of God from Genesis 1:1-2
Nathan Burden preaches to us from Psalm 33
John Walley preaches from Psalm 32 about the reality of sin and the blessing that comes when we repent and confess it.
John Walley preaches on the glory of the living God from Psalm 19
Tim Ogbourn preaches on Psalm 13
Josh Passenger preaches from Psalm 8
John Walley introduces the Psalms section of our summer series looking at the faithfulness of God and preaches from Psalm 3
John Walley preaches on Ruth 3 & 4. The sermon pauses for Ruth 4 to be read in the middle.
Nathan Burden preaches from Ruth 2
John Walley begins our series in Ruth and the Psalms preaching from Ruth 1
John Walley preaches about our vision as Christ Church from Revelation 1

If? – Guest Service

19th June 2016
John Walley answers the question - "Are we reunited with our loved ones when we die?" from the parable of the rich man and Lazarus in Luke 16
John Walley finishes our series in Colossians preaching on the final part of chapter 4

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