At Christ Church we have values which help shape who we are and why we do what we do:

• In the Gospel
• In Community
• In Longbridge

As Christ Church, we’re rooted in the gospel, the saving good news of Jesus death, resurrection and coming return in glory. The gospel isn’t just the way that we become Christians, it’s forgiveness and grace for our past sins, present power by the Holy Spirit to change, and the promise of hope and eternal life for the future. As the gospel doesn’t leave us as individuals but draws us into the family of God, so at Christ Church we are rooted in community as the local expression of our worldwide church family. Not only that but we know that God has also placed in us in a particular place at a particular time, so we’re rooted in Longbridge as our community that we love.

• Through Evangelism
• In Discipleship
• Into Community

As Christ Church we’re passionate about growing in the gospel. We know that through the gospel Jesus is calling his people to himself, and we want to be a church that grows through seeing a growing number of people hear the gospel and turn to Jesus. But we don’t just want to be growing in numbers, the gospel also calls Christians to grow in love and godliness as we are transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit to resemble Jesus Christ. And we do that as community, growing in the strength and depth of our relationships with each other as we seek to live the gospel in shared lives and experiences.

• Generously and Sacrificially
• Through Church Planting
• Across Birmingham, the West Midlands and to the ends of the earth

As Christ Church, we’re passionate about seeing as many people as possible hear the saving good news of Jesus, but we know that on our own, we can never reach all those who need to hear. So we’re committed to generously and sacrificially giving and sending to support the work of gospel across Birmingham and the West Midlands and to the ends of the earth. Because we’re passionate that God works through the preaching of the gospel and the establishing of the local church, we see church planting as the primary way that God builds his kingdom across the world.

Why Christ Church?

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