Christ Church Longbridge is an independent charity governed by four managing trustees. The trustees are set aside as the pastor / elders of the church to lead the church and care for it’s spiritual life.

Matt Barker


Matt became a Christian when studying Computer Science at the University of Exeter.  He moved to Birmingham in 2006, and accidentally stayed.  Matt is married to Beth and has two children, and currently works for the University of Birmingham as an IT Manager.  Matt helps Christ Church with the pragmatics of running Sundays services, and occasionally by leading from the front.  In his spare time, Matt loves vintage computer games, Somerset cider, pizza making and the occasional bit of exercise.

Joshua Passenger


Josh is married to Emma and they have two young children. Josh is a chartered accountant and also acts as the treasurer of Christ Church. He loves American Football, board games and all things Star Wars.

John Walley


John is married to Celia and has two sons, Simeon and Joseph. Growing up between Swansea and Beirut, he came to Birmingham in 2000 to study at the University of Birmingham and now couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. John was part of the group that helped plant Grace Church Dell Road, who sent him to train for full time ministry at Oak Hill College in London, and took him back as their associate pastor in 2013. SInce 2015 John has worked full time for Christ Church. John keeps fit by commuting everywhere on his bike and loves boardgames and listening to music.

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