About Us

Christ Church is a new church for Longbridge planted in partnership with the FIEC and 2020 Birmingham.

We started meeting publicly on September 6th 2015 and meet weekly at 10:30am at Greenlands Social Club on Longbridge Lane.

We’re a church that loves Jesus, loves Longbridge, and wants people in Longbridge to come to know Jesus and find eternal life in him.

Christ Church is an independent evangelical church deeply rooted in the historic Christian faith.

Christ Church came into being as Christians from like-minded churches across Birmingham came together to start a new church in Longbridge. Our leadership came from Grace Church Dell Road and City Church, but we’re also supported by other evangelical churches across Birmingham.

You can find out about who does what on our leadership page and our core beliefs on our what we believe page

Why Christ Church?

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Greenlands Social Club
105 Longbridge Lane
B31 4LF

07814 442043